• September4th

    Cammie King Conlon’s career in acting ended after she played Bonnie Butler in Gone with the Wind and voiced Faline in Bambi. She went on to live a ‘regular’ life, one that was forever charmed because she starred in the greatest film of all time. People who knew her or who had met her all agree she was a spectacular person inside and out. So today’s blog post is all about remembering Cammie.

    A visitor to the Blog directed me to these wonderful youtube videos. The person who uploaded them, Inspirecali, had this to say about this July 2010 Interview with Ms Conlon: “Cammie passed away Wednesday morning at her home in Fort Bragg after a short battle with cancer. Cammie gained early recognition as “Bonnie Blue Butler” in Gone with the Wind. We were lucky enough to speak with her last month at the Little River Inn in Mendocino where she served as PR Director. She was gracious, kind and giving. It was a pleasure to know her, if ever so briefly. Because, this was her last interview, we present the unedited version, where she spoke candidly on a variety of subjects.”

    Everyone is remembering Ms Conlon in their own way….

  • The wonderful Connie Sutherland, director of the Marietta GWTW Museum, shared this anecdote with me the other day: “I first met Cammie in 2004 when I first became director for the museum. I was so in awe of her but soon learned that she was certainly not in awe of herself. By the end of the first day with her, I felt as if I had known her all my life. Cammie would visit the museum again in 2006 and 2008 as one of our special guests. I also saw her in Cadiz a year ago and she was scheduled to attend the November event as well but health issues kept her at home. In fact, I was working late one evening when my phone rang and Cammie was the caller. She was beside herself as it was only 3 days before the event and she had to tell me she couldn’t make it. She had come down with a horrible case of the flu and waited until the last to see if she could muster up enough wellness to make it. I felt so sorry for her because I knew she truly wanted to attend. And, oh how we missed her smiling, funny self during the event. We talked a few times after the event and I received an email from her last week with updates about ‘Change in the Wind.’ I will cherish the emails and notes and even a small gift from her more than ever now. I will leave you with one of her funny stories that was shared with me on a trip to the Atlanta airport during her first visit here at the museum. It seems she had been invited to participate in a parade once as Grand Marshall, to which she agreed. When she met with the gentleman who was handling things, he began to tell her who would be where and what would take place and such. Then he said, ‘and you will wear a blue riding habit and sit on a horse for photographs.’ I was laughing so hard at her description of the moment. She said, ‘imagine me, old and 6 feet tall sitting on a horse as Bonnie Blue!’ She had me rolling in my seat all the way to the airport. Her sense of humor and her warm nature made her so easy to love and I truly loved Cammie. Marietta, this museum, and I are all better for having known her. The world is better for having known her. I know that Mr. Rhett’s heart would be breaking all over again for his little Bonnie.”
  • Check out the official “Remembering Cammie King Conlon” tribute made by the Marietta Museum.
  • Sally Tippett Rains, author of The Making of a Masterpiece: The True Story of Margaret Mitchell’s Classic Novel ‘Gone with the Wind’ and the mastermind behind the upcoming Windie event in Saint Louis (read about it HERE), had this to say about Ms Conlon: “During the time I was writing my book, she was writing hers. She would say, ‘I don’t want to give the best stories away!’ but yet she spent as long as I wanted talking to me. She sent me pictures and said I could use any of it. And then she kept in touch with me after that, with the occasional email and we spoke on the phone. What I found most interesting about her was she said “I had a ‘normal’ childhood, but my teenage years were ‘dazzling.’ She talked about going to the movies with her friends. When she was in her teens, her mother had married Herb Kalmus who invented Technicolor so suddenly they were entertaining all sorts of famous people. . . Cammie King was a beautiful lady, so elegant, yet funny. She loved to laugh and made everyone feel they were her friend.”
  • And fans of Gone with the Wind also shared their sadness and remembrances across the Internet. Below is a beautiful tribute video made by Ashley.
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  • September3rd

    For those of you who didn’t win the September TCM Booklet, you can check out the Vivien Leigh Highlights below. Not only was she featured on the front cover (in Waterloo Bridge) but Robert Osborne wrote an introductory article. And her image appears on 2 other pages. Finally the TV schedule appears in print but I’ll print it up for you below (for those that live in the USA and have TCM on their TV). TCM will air 2 documentaries and 13 of her films in September… but only on Tuesdays (though The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone is on tonight) so be sure to tune in!

    Highlights from the booklet:
    booklet booklet

    The Schedule (from the TCM Booklet):
    note: different from the 1 published online, please check your local listings to verify
  • The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone September 4 @ 3:30am EST
  • Dark Journey September 7 @ 9:00pm EST
  • Storm in a Teacup September 7 @ 10:30pm EST
  • Sidewalks of London September 7 @ 12am EST
  • Gone with the Wind September 14 @ 8pm EST
  • The Making of a Legend: Gone with the Wind September 14 @ 12am EST
  • A Streetcar Named Desire September 15 @ 2:15am EST
  • Fire Over England September 21 @ 8pm EST
  • That Hamilton Woman September 21 @ 9:45pm EST
  • Waterloo Bridge September 21 @ 12am EST
  • A Yank at Oxford September 22 @ 2am EST
  • The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone September 28 @ 8pm EST
  • Anna Karenina September 28 @ 10pm EST
  • Caesar and Cleopatra September 28 @ 12am EST
  • Ship of Fools September 29 @ 2:15am EST
  • Vivien Leigh: Scarlett & Beyond September 29 @ 5am EST
  • September2nd

    It’s a sad moment for Gone with the Wind fans… dear Cammie King Conlon, darling Bonnie Blue Butler, passed away yesterday. You can read about it, her life, and her legacy here. Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing her prior to the Marietta Re-Premiere of GWTW. You can read that Interview here. Sadly, Cammie became ill and was unable to attend the event so she and I never had the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Everyone spoke so highly of her and her character so she was more than Bonnie. She was a wonderful human being. In tribute to her and her life, over the next few days I’ll post anecdotes from people who knew her and I’ll quote from her book Bonnie Blue Butler: A GWTW Memoir. RIP Cammie!

    Cammie (left) pictured with her mother and sister

    Below Cammie recalls some of her memories from GWTW:

    I have a dozen or so snapshot memories of being on the set . . .  My strongest memory of being on set is the heat. All of my scenes were interiors (even Bonnie’s fatal jumping scene). Each setup was lit by dozens of huge klieg lights, lights hot enough to melt the actors’ heavy makeup and certainly hot enough to make us perspire under our weighty 1860s costumes.

    The other memory I have is the smell. Over the years I’ve visited several movie and TV sets, and each time, the moment I enter the sound stage, it hits me– a pungent aroma created by the heat of the lights hitting wood and metal . . . Right up there with those memories of heat and smell is the day I forgot my lines. When mother recalled the scene for me, she told me she thought I was just rebelling, being a bit bratty. She said I hadn’t really been paying attention that morning when we went over my part in the script. Every day when we arrived at the studio, Mother and I went into our trailer where she washed and set my hair and ran my lines with me.

    That day, whether I really forgot them or only pretended to, what I remember is that everything on the set got very quiet. The  cameras stopped, and the lights were turned off. Director Victor Fleming called “Cut” and everyone was silent. Fleming came over to me, knelt down, and looked me in the eye.

    “Cammie” he said. “I have a little girl your age. The reason I come to work at the studio every day is so I can take care of her. Cammie, do you see all these men working with us?”

    I looked around at the crew– all male in those days.

    “Yes, Mr Fleming.”

    “Well,  they all have little girls and boys at home to take care of, and that’s why they come to work every day. And Cammie, when you don’t know your lines, we can’t do our jobs and take care of our children.”

    I can still feel the shame. I never blew my lines again.

    One day my pony forgot his lines.

  • August31st

    The August Contest has ended… no surprise that everyone’s favorite film is Gone with the Wind though Waterloo Bridge came in a distant second place! And now for the winners… chose comment #9, #19, #42, #47, and #50!

    Congrats to:

    Kathy W.
    Karen B.
    Corra M.
    Nyos Y.

    I will contact you all via email and collect your mailing addresses! I will mail your TCM Booklets by the end of the week. Thanks to all for participating :-)

  • August24th

    If you’re a fan of Vivien Leigh, most likely you’re also a fan of Gone with the Wind! This November, a wonderful GWTW weekend packed full of activities is planned in the Midwest of America aka Saint Louis, MO! The festivities will begin on Friday, November 5th and will end on Sunday, November 7th. See the current schedule below. Please note that the Friday activities are not finalized but will announced soon. Reservations are now being accepted, please see the bottom of the post! I’m attending and participating in the events and hope to see you there! For the latest information, visit Sally Tippett Rains’s blog (she’s the mastermind behind this GWTW weekend):

    A Fun, Educational Celebration of The History of Gone With The Wind.

    Sponsored by Saint Louis University Museum of Art, Saint Louis University, American Airlines, HEC-TV, Drury Hotels, CPR Packaging, The Lodge at Grant’s Trail B&B, M&P Graphics

    Friday, November 5

    TBA “St. Louis and Civil War Connection to Gone With The Wind

    7 p.m. “Blog With The Wind” Meet people behind the GWTW websites, Facebook pages, and blogs – Drury Inn, Forest Park.

    8 p.m. Fiddle-de-dee Follies –Musical/ stage production saluting GWTW- Drury Inn, Forest Park

    Saturday November 6

    9:30-11:30 a.m. “Market Bazaar”- Drury Inn Forest Park. Meet The Actors and Authors!

    • Features autograph session with three actors from GWTW, plus author book signings.

    11:30 a.m. Saint Louis University Museum of Art (SLUMA) 3663 Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108

    • Gone With The Wind Memorabilia Exhibit, featuring the collection of Novella Perrin, PhD.
    • Special Musical Entertainment: Civil War Era Music- Laura Sleade, Ed Hawkes

    12:30 p.m. “Margaret Mitchell Birthday Celebration”- SLUMA (Includes box lunch, ticket required)

    • “The Atlanta Premiere of GWTW” Keynote Speaker: GWTW Expert Herb Bridges.
    • Introduction of Dr. Novella Perrin about her Gone With The Wind Memorabilia Collection.
    • “Beau Knows Gone With The Wind” Mickey Kuhn, Patrick Curtis, and Greg Giese, actors who played Beau Wilkes at various ages in Gone With The Wind. (No autographs at this event.*) Introduction by Patrisha Henson, GWTW Collector.

    6:30 p.m. “Gateway To The Wind Charity Ball” Benefits Rainbows For Kids (

    • Bring your checkbook for the charity auction, including framed Yakovetic prints signed by Ann Rutherford and other GWTW actor
    • Private VIP Reception, Open Bar, Appetizers,
    • Dinner Buffet
    • Souvenir Gift
    • Live and Silent Auction
    • Party combines “Then” and “Now”… Two bands, one is a Civil War era duo, the second one is a rock band. There will be Virginia Reel and other dancing.
    • Antebellum “ball” wear or formal dress is encouraged but not required

    Sunday, November 7

    11:30 a.m. “Meet The Speakers And Artist Reception” with Warner Brothers artist, Yakovetic, and conference speakers.

    • View Gone With The Wind art and special unveiling of Yakovetic’s newest painting: “Young Master Wilkes” (featuring Mickey Kuhn in his role of Beau Wilkes.) Kuhn will be on hand for the unveiling. Saint Louis Universtiy Cook Hall. 3674 Lindell Blv. (across from SLUMA).

    12 p.m. “The Hollywood Connection”- Saint Louis University John Cook School of Business Anheuser Busch Auditorium. (Ticket Required. Refreshments/ snack lunch provided)

    • Documentary Screening: “The Making Of A Masterpiece” featuring actors from the movie.
    • “Gone With The Wind Memories From Our Mother, Marcella Rabwin” Mark and Paul Rabwin share stories told by their mother, Marcella Rabwin, executive assistant to Gone With The Wind producer David O. Selznick.
    • “Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable” Leigh Mills,

    3 p.m. Gateway To The Wind Conference closes.


    Reservations are now being accepted! Three packages available.

    Gateway to the Wind, P.O. Box 6934 St. Louis, MO 63123

    (314) 849-7578

    Reservation Form

    $90 Weekend Windie Pass Includes:

    • *Friday Afternoon Gone With The Wind St. Louis/Civil War Event
    • Friday evening Blog With The Wind
    • Access to Market Bazaar on Saturday. Morning
    • Saturday Margaret Mitchell Birthday Lunch and Speakers at SLUMA
    • Sunday Hollywood Connection, Speakers and Refreshments at Saint Louis University Cook Hall
    • One Souvenir Program


    • Autographed copy of The Making Of A Masterpiece, by Sally Tippett Rains
    • One Souvenir Poster
    • One Souvenir Documentary.

    $60 Weekend Windie Pass Includes:

    • Friday Afternoon Gone With The Wind St. Louis/Civil War Event
    • Friday evening Blog With The Wind
    • Access to Market Bazaar on Saturday Morning
    • Saturday Margaret Mitchell Birthday Lunch & Speakers at SLUMA
    • Hollywood Connection, Speakers and Refreshments at Saint Louis University Cook Hall
    • One Souvenir Event Program

    A La Carte Package- Create your own (Start with $60 or $90 Weekend Pass & Add What You Want)

    Additional Items:

    ___$20 each The Making Of A Masterpiece, The True Story Of Margaret Mitchell’s Classic Novel, Gone With The Wind, by Sally Tippett Rains. Autographed. (Book will be picked up when you check in.)

    ___ $10 each The Making Of A Masterpiece Documentary DVD. Features background on GWTW plus interviews with living actors from the movie including Ann Rutherford, Cammie King, Mickey Kuhn, Patrick Curtis, Greg Giese, and GWTW enthusiasts Dr. Christopher Sullivan and Robert Rosterman. this documentary was done through an educational grant and at this time there are no plans to sell it in the future.

    ___$10 Souvenir “Gateway To The Wind” Poster


    You won’t want to miss the…


    Saturday November 6, 2010


    Orlando Gardens Banquet Center

    The Gateway To The Wind Ball is the theme of the annual charity gala for

    Rainbows For Kids, a 501 (c) (3) charity. (

    Rainbows For Kids works with families of children with cancer, providing fun activities (including an annual baseball team, parties, trips to the theater, bowling parties, etc.), as well as support material, sponsorship for a free camp for kids with cancer, and much more. Author Sally Tippett Rains, whose family started the charity, is the volunteer Executive Director. There are no paid employees, everyone is a volunteer. We appreciate your support for these families who are going though such a tough time.

    $100 Ticket Includes:

    * Private VIP Reception, Open Bar, Appetizers

    * Dinner Buffet

    * Souvenir Gift

    * Live and Silent Auction

    NOTE: Separate check required for the ball, tax deductible as determined by the law.

    Make check to Rainbows For Kids, and add $35 each for your copy (or copies) of The Filming of Gone With the Wind, by Herb Bridges, who will be at the ball signing books. Proceeds from the sales of this book will go to Rainbows For Kids.